If you call yourself ugly you have no right to turn a guy down at all


for once someone using my art as a proper reaction to a mind numbingly stupid statement wow


Not even lion

"The actor who played the coroner came to me and said, ‘I have a friend who’s in town. His name’s Johnny Depp, he’s in a band, and he’s interested in getting into movies.’ He gave me Johnny’s headshot. I read with Johnny, and I remember his fingers were yellow from constantly smoking unfiltered cigarettes, and he was greasy and pale and sickly. My 14-year-old daughter was in from New York with a friend. I took the headshots of the actors I was considering for the role of Heather’s boyfriend, Glen. I put them out on the kitchen table, and asked the girls, ‘Who would you pick?’ They immediately pointed at Johnny. I said, ‘Are you serious?’ He looked like he needed a bath. They both said, ‘He’s beautiful.’"
Wes Craven on how Johnny Depp was cast in ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ (1984) (x)

people that are dorks but also sexually attractive need to either stay away from me or get very very close to me

Merlin + Arthurian quotes
They are ever with me. They are not dead - they only sleep. Hear me! I have but to speak their names aloud and they will awake and arise. Great Light, how long must I wait? Stephen R. Lawhead | Pendragon


She was bullied as a child because of her vitiligo; now she’s a model


She was bullied as a child because of her vitiligo; now she’s a model


And you know what.

Shout out to bisexual individuals who haven’t been in any relationships yet, or have only ever been in a relationship with one gender.

You don’t owe anyone any kind of explanation about your identity.

You are amazing and wondrously bisexual just the way you are.




If women catcalled men (X)

Bet those arms could put together my IKEA furniture… New pick up line forever.

The shit people say to women on the street is disgusting and wrong, but I’m not gonna lie…I would greatly like to hear one of these lines sometime in my life.


”..obviously some pranks happened on your sets that you were on..what was the best one that you’ve pulled or that was pulled on you” 


You are such an adorable liar.