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Muse #1 - Michael Rosenbaum

You probably won’t recognize this guy with hair. He played Lex Luthor on Smallville. He was very sad but I didn’t know what the cause of it was. I got the feeling that someone had hurt him deeply. All my muses are sad, but some are for different reasons. Michael was quitting Smallville and his life and career was a bit uncertain around that time. He was very caring and affectionate in my dreams and I now compare every other muse to him. He asked me in one dream if he was doing the right thing by quitting. I answered “yes”. When I had my “final” dream of him, he held my hand with tears in his eyes and stated that he had to leave but that he would be back, and he does come to me every now and then. He’s a sweetie-pie. And he’s doing much better! Much to my relief I gave him the right advice because his career is still kickin’ and he’s in a much better place emotionally! He’ll always be special because he was my first. :P

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